Emotional moment man is gifted teddy that plays his late mum’s voice

Emotional moment man is gifted teddy that plays his late mum’s voice

A man was left in floods of tears when his daughter gifted him a teddy bear for Christmas which can play a recording of his late mum’s voice.

Summer captured the special moment her father opened his Build-A-Bear present and later shared it to TikTok.

TikToker Summer (@summerhammond) explained: “My grandma passed away this summer, so we decided to get my dad a bear that had her voice inside”.

She wrote a running commentary on what was going in the clip. At first she wrote how her dad thought “at this point he thinks it’s a joke” when he removed the wrapping paper to reveal a box.

“What are you having a laugh... a Build-A-Bear?” her dad asked.


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Her dad then opened the box to reveal a “birth certificate” showing that the bear is named “Milk Biscuit”, which Summer informed viewers was an “inside joke with nan.”

“Aw, that’s really kind,” her dad said.

He then proceeded to lift the bear out of the box and smelled it upon Summer’s request as she told him it smells like bubblegum.

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“Now you’ve got to press its paw,” she added, and when her dad pressed the left paw the voice of Summer’s nan can be heard saying: “Hello darling.”

Shocked by the sound of his late mum, her dad presses the paw again to listen to her and clearly moved at hearing her voice, he emotionally hugged and kissed the bear and began to cry as family members comforted him.

“We love you dad, merry christmas,” Summer wrote at the end of the clip.

Since sharing the moving video, Summer’s TikTok has been viewed 2.6m times, with over 400,000 likes and thousands of comments from people who found the video heartwarming.

One person wrote: “There’s just something about the way he says “that’s really kind” that melts my heart.”

“That ‘hello darlin’ got me,” another person said, with sad emojis.

Someone else added: “As a bab [Build-A-Bear] employee, it makes me so happy we can help you guys create special moments like this.”

“The way he welled up the instant he heard his mums voice, this is so so lovely,” a fourth person replied.

What a thoughtful gift.

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