Man tries to moan about EU immigration at an Aldi supermarket, gets the very obvious pointed out to him

Original picture: Matt Cardy/Getty Images
Original picture: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Every now and again, Facebook throws up a status so incomprehensibly devoid of self-awareness an intervention is required.

Emlyn Pearce, a staunchly pro-immigration writer, has cultivated a Facebook persona through various rants about emigration, racism and xenophobia.

He's provided a pithy response to a Facebook status, which read:

Just been to Aldi Rugby. Two Romanian travellers cans hogging the carpark. Caravans as well. Cops reckon cannot shift them. A definite boon to Britain. Vote in. Ha ha ha

As much as your political votes should be influenced by your supermarket shopping experiences, Emlyn saw it fit to interject:

Emlyn shared the image on his Facebook page, where it has been liked thousands of times

Aldi operates 580 outlets in the UK, providing thousands of jobs, as well as over ten thousand stores across Europe.

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