A Manhattan storage company is trolling Prince Andrew with its billboards

A Manhattan storage company is trolling Prince Andrew with its billboards
Prince Andrew’s controversial chalet ‘being cleared out’ after it was reportedly sold ...

Manhattan Mini Storage is getting people's attention with funny billboards that advertise their products and one of them pokes fun at Prince Andrew.

The storage company is known for their funny, eye-catching advertisements which have gone viral multiple times this year.

This time, one of their billboards about current events surrounding Prince Andrew captured the attention of Twitter user Edward Ongweso Jr. who just tweeted a photo of it.

"Safe, Secure, Protected, with minimal charges. Just like Prince Andrew," one of the advertisements reads.

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Even without a caption, the photo caught the attention of other people who agreed Manhattan Mini Storage was using some effective advertising methods.

"All their outdoor posters go hard. I once saw one throwing shade at Florida "Manhattan closets may be small but at least our kids aren't afraid to come out of them," Renee replied.

"Their ads are always funny," another Twitter user wrote.

The billboard is part of Manhattan Mini Storage's summer billboard collection.

Many of them include trendy words or topics like 'ghosting', 'furries', dating profiles, and more.

"Storage Tip: Don't show them your fursuit until they show you theirs," one of the advertisements reads.

"Easier than blocking the high school bully turned #GirlBoss," another says.

One of their billboards used during Pride Month made a play on pronouns. A video of the billboard taken by Cameron Sackett went viral on TikTok.

"Man-Hattan, She-Hattan, "They-Hattan, We-Hattan," the billboard read.


Manhattan mini storage said gay rights!

As for the Prince Andrew advertisement idea. Well that came from Manhattan Mini Storage's assistant manager Simon Dubeau in the UK.

"This season we polled our global team of store managers and they had us in stitches," Sarah Little, global director of marketing said. "The winning “Prince Andrew” entry came to us all the way from our assistant manager, Simon Dubeau, in the United Kingdom.”

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