Mark Zuckerberg's latest Metaverse image likened to a '2002 Nintendo game'

Mark Zuckerberg's latest Metaverse image likened to a '2002 Nintendo game'
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Mark Zuckerberg has released his latest Metaverse image - and people are likening it to a “2002 Nintendo game.”

On Tuesday (16 August), Zuckerberg took to Facebook to announce that Horizon Worlds, the free virtual reality game launched in the US, Canada, and the UK in 2021, was coming to France and Spain.

In celebration of the expansion, he shared an image of his avatar inside the game.

His avatar, which gave off a youthful look, was standing in front of a cartoonised Eiffel Tower and a Spanish Basilica.

For many, the image didn’t highlight the billions of dollars that have gone into its creator’s project.

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As a result, they took to Twitter to share their thoughts, many of which compared it to Nintendo’s game system from the early 2000s.

“This looks like a 2002 Nintendo GameCube release called like ‘World Baby,’” one wrote.

“How does this s*** look worse than Miis did on the Wii 15 years ago now,” another added referencing the Mii’s in Wii, Nintendo’s game system.

A third thought that the avatar’s eyes were soulless wrote: “Nothing behind those eyes.”

Others didn’t see anything wrong with the image, citing its likeness to the media magnate.

“Looks great!” one person added.

“To be fair, this is the most animated Mark Zuckerberg has ever looked,” someone else wrote.

This isn’t the first time people had things to say about Zuckerberg’s metaverse adventures.

Last month, Zuckerberg posted a short video on Facebook of himself and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson exploring the images of deep space from the James Webb Space Telescope through the Metaverse.

And as the two spoke about the deep space images from NASA, people thought the characters were low-quality.

Meta introduced its own Metaverse in 2019. It was shortly before the name changed from Facebook to Meta, which has been subject to discussion.

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