<p>Who’s who?</p>

Who’s who?

Louise A'hern / SWNS

Marks and Spencers isn’t exactly the most alarming place in the world but a woman managed to get a little shock there, thanks to a mannequin that she said looks exactly like her son.

The uncanny mannequin was first spotted by the woman Louise’s niece, who sent a photo to her aunt. Louise then showed it to her five-year-old son Austin who was thoroughly confused after seeing ‘himself’ in the snap.

Speaking to local press, Louise who is from Ystradgynlais, Powys, Wales said: “Austin kept saying ‘that just looks like me’!

“And then he looked closer and thought, ‘What am I doing there?’

“He then realised he didn’t get those clothes because the mannequin was originally wearing a pair of pyjamas.

“He then went, ‘That’s not me, who’s that?’ He looked at it again, and couldn’t understand what’s going on.”

Louise said she decided to bring her son into the M&S in Swansea city centre to meet his double. Staff at the store agreed the pair were the spitting image of each other and they even dressed Austin up in the same outfit to further the similarities.

Louise said her young son couldn’t stop laughing at seeing his ‘twin’ and kept touching its hair.

“Honestly, I just couldn’t believe it,” she said.

“Nobody knows their child more than the parent.

“Their facial features were the same, the mannequin’s feet stood the way Austin stood, and even the hairstyle matched the way Austin’s hair was cut.

“It’s just unbelievable.”

We reckon Austin could play some brilliant pranks if he can keep still enough.

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