Man claims you can get a ‘secret McDonald’s birthday cake’ - but staff insist it doesn’t exist

Man claims you can get a ‘secret McDonald’s birthday cake’ - but staff insist it doesn’t exist
Photo courtesy of @thatonecal/TikTok

Does McDonald’s have a secret birthday cake?

According to one man, there’s a secret birthday cake at the fast-food chain that employees will sell if you ask for it. But restaurant bosses insist that this isn’t real.

Callum Ryan, who goes by @thatonecal on TikTok, released a video of himself ordering what he says is a secret menu item to his more than 587,000 followers.

The video soon became viral, reaching 4.4 million views. In the clip, Ryan appears to drive to McDonald's before showing him ordering the cake in question from the drive-through.

“Yes, we have it,” said the text on the screen and an employee placing the order.

Then he drives to the next window, where he receives the cake.

Photo courtesy of @thatonecal/TikTok“Yes, we have it.”Photo courtesy of @thatonecal/TikTok

The presentation is pretty grand as it came in a large box with a cake inside. It had white trimming along the perimeter with a red centre with yellow lettering that says “happy birthday.”

A picture of McDonald’s icon Ronald McDonald was added to the cake in the bottom right-hand corner of the cake.

The person serving Ryan the cake even sings to him.

Happy Birthday, bro... let's all give him a happy birthday!”Photo courtesy of @thatonecal/TikTok

McDonald’s birthday cakePhoto courtesy of @thatonecal/TikTok

The video received over 540,000 likes and 9,100 likes, with many commenters wondering if this was real and how they can get their hands on the cake.

“How much did it cost,” wrote a commenter.

“I wish I watched this yesterday because I went to maccies yesterday,” wrote another.

One  said they had this cake in the McDonald’s she used to work at, but they haven’t been sold in over a decade

“The birthday cake is on the till in the store I used to work in, but we haven’t sold them in over 10 years.”

The Mirror UK spoke to a representative for McDonald’s who say that the video isn’t real.

"Thanks for sending this through, though unfortunately, this is a staged video!" the spokesperson said.

Other onlookers believed that it is a print cake that he made to seem like it came from McDonald’s.

“Print cake at  ASDA > take shot outside a maccies> film inside car like a drive-thru but actually sat on your own drive at home > 500k likes,” wrote one commenter, seemingly mapping out the process.

“As someone who works at Maccies, this isn’t real, lmao,” wrote a commenter.

Check out the full video on TikTok here.

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