Ex-McDonald’s employee reveals Sundays are the worst day of the week to order

Police were called to an Orange County McDonald’s over the incident
Police were called to an Orange County McDonald’s over the incident
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We love McDonald’s. Their fries are undefeated, their nuggets addictive, and a quarter-pounder meal will demolish hunger for hours on end.

But did you know that there’s a certain day in the week that you should avoid getting food from the famed chain?

While weekends may hold the biggest allure for hungover snack-cravers, you should probably avoid a Sunday visit, if possible, according to a former employee known as rocoonshcnoon on Reddit.

So why are Sundays not a good day?

He said it’s the day of the week that managers get the day off, so quality control slips and you’re more likely to be left with cold fries, missing items, or badly put-together burgers.

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“You are a good human,” said a commenter about the revelation.

Here are his other ‘confessions’:

  • Staff get annoyed if you order fresh nuggets because they have to prepare an entire new tray
  • He never orders breakfast after noon because the demand is so low that breakfast food sits there for too long

But on the flip side, he did say the work environment is very clean.

One final observation from our greasy-fingered truth-teller: “Yes... we can tell you are high!”

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