Juliana Mazurkewicz/Facebook

A simple, but direct sign at a day nursery is making the rounds online.

The sign was posted on the window of a centre in Houston, and criticised parents who paid more attention to their phones than they did to their children:

Juliana Mazurkewicz, a parent who attends the nursery, posted it online because she thought it was “relevant” and confirmed that the owner of the centre had put the sign up.

Since then, the post has received over 100,000 reactions and has been shared over one million times.

Susie Cox commented on the post, reminding parents of the importance of listening to your child:

This is so true listen to children and what they say to you -you miss things that they'll never say again and in the end they won't bother to tell you anything which can be dangerous as they go from child to adolescent you may miss something important -nothing on your phone can replace or supersede your children's chatter so listen!

Others are going so far as to call for the banning of phones in nurseries.

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