This is the most millennial job ever

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Millennials get a bad rep for everything.

We're blamed for ruining industries because they don't cater to our demographic, we're called spoiled because we're not ok with inheriting an economy in which we have no access to decent remuneration or career trajectory, and we're called entitled and demanding because we point these things out.

The way to fix it is to start your own jobs and industries, we're told, catering to millennials who... Have no disposable income... Ah.

Anyway, if you're a millennial looking for a decent paying job, look no further.

A San Francisco-based company called Bateman Group looked two years ago for a "Talent and Vibe Manager".

At the time, Fred Bateman, CEO and founder of the bi-coastal Bateman Group, said:

You need to be plugged in enough to find us the right venues, connected to the right people at the right hotels and basically able to leverage the very best of what Brooklyn and San Francisco have to offer.

The job title is now common, often pulling $85,000 a year, sometimes even $140,000, in the United States to throw celebrity-filled parties with on-trend playlists for tech companies, or organise sushi dinners and out-of-office excursions for well-paid baby boomers.

Millennials. Know your place.

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