Airline claims that model with 22 pound breasts was not ejected from a flight for how she looks

Airline claims that model with 22 pound breasts was not ejected from a flight for how she looks
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An Instagram model known for her numerous plastic surgery operations including her 22 pound breasts claimed that she was kicked off a plane because of the way she looks.

American Airlines have now revealed their reasons why the model was removed from the plane, claiming it had nothing to do with looks.

The model, who goes by the name Mary Magdalene, tried to board a flight from Toronto, Canada to Dallas, Texas with American Airlines, where upon boarding the plane she was told that she had to leave for wearing earphones and failing to listen to instructions.

Magdalene made numerous accusatory posts on her Instagram page, saying that the airline 'embarrassed and dehumanised' her.

Now, TMZ sources close to American Airlines are saying that her behaviour was what got her booted off the plane.

Apparently, Magdalene was taking up seats that were not allocated to her, leading staff to believe that she was probably drunk, and asked her to leave, which she did without struggle.

This paints an extremely different story to what Magdalene has told her followers, insisting that she was kicked off because she looks 'explicit' and that 'the same rules need to apply for everyone'.

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Magdalene has also posted footage apparently showing a member of American Airlines staff agreeing with her and taking her side after her rejection from the flight. She also accuses the airline of hiding the truth surrounding the situation, writing in the caption to the video, "American Airlines release footage inside the plane if you have nothing to hide!!!"

Magdalene has threatened to sue American Airlines, although she doesn't seem to have commented further on the issue on her Instagram page.

The airline has not yet made an official statement addressing Magdalene's accusations.

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