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A mum-to-be has turned to TikTok to share a harrowing story that she will essentially "give birth twice."

Vlogger Jaiden Ashlea (@jaiden.ashlea) took to the platform when she learned that her unborn son had spinal bifida at 19 weeks. Jaiden and her fiancé were initially told there was "no hope" and that their baby "would be brain dead." However, the couple managed to seek out a team of Orlando-based doctors who specialised in foetal surgery.

"Birthing my baby for him to be put back in and 11 weeks later be born again," Jaiden penned in her initial viral TikTok. The clip garnered over 2.4 million views and was inundated with comments urging her to follow up with an explanation.

In an update, Jaiden explained that medical professionals were able to take the unborn baby out to repair his neural-tube defect in his back before putting him back in her womb.

She explained: "They basically opened me up by C-section, repaired the defect in his back to the best of their ability, closed me back up and I stayed pregnant for the rest of the time.

“It’s very common for contractions to happen and preterm labour is always the biggest effect or impact of the surgery," Jaiden added.

“But they monitor you very closely, so the next two weeks I’ll be in Orlando in a Ronald McDonald house after already being in hospital for a week."


Reply to @alexxhailey open fetal surgery explained ♥️ sorry i look so rough I’m still on the hospital! #openfetalsurgery #spinabifida #fetalsurgery #LENOVOJUSTBEYOU

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Fellow TikTokers headed to the clip to send their love to Jaiden and praise the doctors for their extraordinary work.

"Wow! incredible that we live in a world where doctors can do this. Amazing. Wish you a quick recovery," one said, while another added: "What a phenomenal world we live in! The technology is unreal!"

A third added: "I’m so sorry for all of the heartbreak you’ve gone through and still kept the show going. Mum is already making her baby proud."

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