Mother criticised for stealing her sister's baby name, which sounds like a 'stripper'

Mother criticised for stealing her sister's baby name, which sounds like a 'stripper'
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Charlotte Crosby

A woman has been criticised after sharing her baby name dilemma that has the potential to cause upset within her family.

With the baby due in three weeks, the woman revealed she and her husband are having a baby girl and want to name her Rylee Rose but her sister - who recently had a baby boy - does not want her to use "Rose" for the middle name as she wants to use the name if she has a girl in the future due to the family significance of the name.

In a post to Reddit's "Am I the A**hole?" forum, the woman detailed her baby-naming family dilemma to ask people whether she would be in the wrong to ignore her sister and go ahead with the middle name.

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"My big sister and I are both having babies 4 months apart. She picked family names Paul for a Boy and Rose for girl’s name before I knew I was pregnant," she explained.

"She had a boy, when I found out I was having a girl she asked me not to use the name Rose. I am now due in 3 weeks. My husband and I have decided on Rylee for our daughter’s name. We wanted to use a family name for the middle name, and we have very limited family names that will go with Rylee."

"My husband has fallen in love with Rylee Rose and I would like to use Rylee Elizabeth. My husband does not ask for much and he really wants to use Rose."

She continued: "I tried to talk to my sister and ask if we used the name for a middle name instead of first name if that would be ok."

However, when she discussed this with her sister, she didn't exactly get the answer she hoped for.

"She again said no and asked if I would not use it. She said if her second child was a boy then she would give up on the name, but she wanted to save it for her second child if it was a girl."

A woman wants to use "Rose" as her baby's middle name but her sister who wants to use it as a first name in the future has said noiStockphoto by Getty Images

Though, not everyone agreed with the sister as other family members didn't believe there was anything wrong with her using the name.

"I talked to my mother and our other sister, and they said my sister was being dramatic and to just use it. My sister had a boy and I am using it as a middle name not a first name and my sister can still use it as a first name later on if she has a girl."

"So I am going to go ahead and use the name and name my child Rylee Rose, would I be the a**hole in this situation or are my mother and other sister correct?"

Since sharing her problem, the comments have been coming in and some agreed with the sister that it would be wrong for the woman to use Rose (and didn't hold back in their feelings towards the planned name for their baby girl).

One person said: "I think Rylee Rose sounds like a stripper name.

"Of all the names in the world, your husband just happens to love the one your sister had chosen? While no one owns a name, I think you will be TA if you use the name."

"She asked you not to, and you're going to anyway. So yes, YTA. However, I agree that she is being a little selfish with the name, but she asked you not to," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "YTA. You asked her and she said no. Yes, it is just a middle name and maybe she is being unreasonable.

"But is that worth the guaranteed drama/fights it would cause within your family?

"1. Rylee Rose is a terrible name. 2. Don’t ask your sister if it’s okay if the only answer you’ll accept and respect is 'yes.'

"YTA if you use the name," a fourth person commented.

However, there were also many that defended the woman and believed it was okay for her to use the family name.

One person said: "NTA for wanting to use the name, it’s not her property, but be prepared for the consequences."

"NTA Funnily enough, my middle name is Riley after my grandmother’s maiden name, and my cousin who was born 18 months later has Riley as a first name. I can attest that sharing a name hurts no one!" another person wrote.

Someone else replied: "NTA. People don't own names and they can't call dibs. While there are situations that would put names off limits for a time, your sister wanting to "save" the name for a potential future daughter that may never appear is not one of them."

"You said that it's a family name so NTA," a fourth person commented. "If it hadn't been a family name then you would have just been causing problems. Family names are often repeated."

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