TikToker 'fixes' Pete Davidson's tattoo dedicated to Kim Kardashian

When getting a tattoo, it can be difficult to gauge how parents will react. Some decide to keep it a secret - and that's what one girl did until she decided to come clean (quite literally) to her dentist mum during a dental exam.

TikToker Maddie (@maddiebellefit) captured the moment where she laid back in the dentist's chair while her mother checked her teeth and noted in the caption that her lip tattoo was "the reason I’ve avoided her work this past year."

To draw her attention to the tattoo, Maddie told her mum: "I bit my lip really bad."

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Then, the mum pulls back her daughter's lip to reveal the inking, and she doesn't look or sound too impressed as she says to someone off-camera: "She has a freaking tattoo."

"Let me see that you beast," the mum added as she goes for a second look, while Maddie giggled at her mum's reaction.

In all the commotion, the mum didn't get a chance to read what the tattoo said as she asked her daughter: "What does it say? Does it say f**k you?"

"Does it say Maddie?" she questioned as Maddie said no.

"Does it say daddy?" her mum then guessed correctly which Maddie laughed and informed her that was what her inking said.

Once again, the mum looked off-camera as Maddie captioned how she was "disgusted," at her tattoo.


the reason i’ve avoided her work this past year

Since posting the funny video, the clip has received 5.6m views, 781,000 likes, along with thousands of comments from people who were entertained by the mum's reaction.

One person said: "The pain in her eyes."

"She’s so disappointed," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "That's hilarious.... well played."

"I feel like she was gonna cry at the end lmaoooo," a fourth person replied.

While Maddie has avoided showing her lip tattoo to her mum for a year, many people with lip tattoos commented on how their inking still remains intact years on.

One person said: "'It fades in like a year' mine 4 years later bold as the day I got it."

"My boy got a lip tattoo at 16 cause they [go] away in like 5 years. Well now we’re 28 and it still says YOLO," another person wrote.

Someone else replied: "'They fade in like a year'.. that’s what they told me when I got mine 10 years ago. Still crystal clear."

"I’ve had mine for 12 years. It’s not faded at all," a fourth person added. "So it fading in a year is not always true."

Well, there you have it - the TikToker's lip tattoo may still be visible in future dental checkups with her mum.

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