M&S chocolate 'Jenga' game divides opinion

M&S chocolate 'Jenga' game divides opinion
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Marks and Spencer's have released a fun new Christmas game for the festive season – but people are divided over their edible spin on a classic family game.

Their £8 chocolate Jenga, or "Chocolate Topple Towers", is a collection of "milk, dark, white, and blond chocolate blocks".

A viral clip posted by M&S employees (@mandsstaines) has racked up over 300,000 views from intrigued TikTok users. It shows M&S staff taking turns removing the chocolate blocks before tucking into the treat when they complete their go successfully.

The caption read: "Anyone fancy a game of chocolate towers!!!!"

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Most of the commentators on the video were eager to try it for themselves, with one saying: "Absolutely need to buy this for Christmas Day".

Another added: "Omg, you keep coming up on my FYP now I’ve got to add this to my things to buy list when I go to my local M&S".

"What a fab gift idea," a third penned.


Anyone fancy a game of chocolate toppers!!!! #christmasfun #christmasgifts #mandslocal #foodtok #viral #fyp

However, some shoppers weren't as keen, and were more concerned about the "unsanitary" hands-on approach.

"If these bars were wrapped I would totally buy but the thought of eating any after everyone had touched them," one TikToker wrote, while another reiterated: "My OCD says 'no thank you'".

One went as far to say it made them "feel sick," writing: "I know they’re using cardboard things but even the thought of people breathing around my food makes me feel sick."

Meanwhile, one M&S stan clapped back to the critics and said: "A) they aren't touching them directly B) make sure hands are washed before game. No big deal."

The supermarket confirmed in the comments that the game is now available to buy in stores.

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