Expecting mum's beach photoshoot ruined after big wave 'wipes her out'

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When it comes to marking memorable milestones – if it wasn't on social media, did it even happen? Well, one woman wanted to follow that 21st-century mantra – and it hilariously backfired.

Mum-to-be Kylie (@kyliekatich) aimed to share the good news with friends and family with a lavish beach photoshoot. Her husband Alex was on hand with the creative direction, telling Kylie to lay on the beach and pose as the waves came rolling in.

Unfortunately, nature took its course and a huge wave came crashing over Kylie, leaving her immersed in water. Kylie joked that the sentiment turned into a "baptism."

She took to TikTok with the comical clip, which amassed over 14.5 million views. She penned: "I'll never get over this wipeout, why did it come so fast and full of vengeance?"

The viral clip garnered thousands of comments, some of which admired her trust in the process.

"The way you jumped," one joked. They added: "He still got the job done, though. Alex is an MVP."

Another jested: "Baby is gonna come out spitting sand and saltwater, but these look SO GOOD."

"If he didn’t take a good picture– straight up getting a divorce," a third added.

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Despite the photoshoot mishap, husband Alex still managed to pull it off.

One fellow TikToker spoke on behalf of literally everyone: "Ok I thought they were going to be funny, and then they were... Incredible?"


After all, it could have been worse...

One pregnancy announcement soon turned incredibly awkward when it was mistaken for a positive Covid result.

The viral TikTok shows dad-to-be Brandon Robert being handed the positive pregnancy test in what was supposed to be a sweet pregnancy reveal. Instead, he started panicking because he wouldn't be able to go on his upcoming work trip.

In a follow-up clip, he finally reads the test correctly and realises he's made a colossal error, much to the humour of his pregnant girlfriend.

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