Comedian Munya Chawawa hilariously parodies the Met Police during Boris Johnson's party

Comedian parodies Met police night of Boris Johnson's party

Comedian Munya Chawawa has done it again with another satirical video – and this time, he's taken a swipe at the Met Police over their handling of Boris Johnson's notorious alleged lockdown birthday bash.

Famed for his satirical skits on cultural issues and impeccable reactive timing, Chawawa has covered some of the UK's most significant talking points in the most hysterical way.

In his latest viral clip, Chawawa plays the role of a Met police officer fittingly called "PC Turner Blindeye."

He kicks off by complaining about how bored he was at the police HQ, suggesting: "Simon, do you want to go and do some stop and searches?"

PC Turn-A-Blind-Eye then receives a public complaint in regards to a "party next door."

"Party Next Door? Yeah, I didn't like his recent album either," he said, referencing Canadian singer-songwriter who was first to sign with Drake's OVO Sound record label. "But that's what the 'urban' kids like, isn't it?"

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Once the confusion is cleared up, the hysterical puns start to roll in.

"You've just seen Jacob Rees-Mogg walk in with two bottles of vodka?"

"Absolute disgrace," he laughs.

When the caller informs the PC about the Prime Minister blowing out a birthday cake, he crudely references Johnson and his seven children.

The officer address "And Priti Patel is letting people in, is she?"

"Now I know you're lying," he humours while "*babbling in border control*".

The PC's nonchalant approach is soon interrupted when he hears the word black. He jumped forward and demanded an answer to: "Who's black?!"

He soon gains all composure upon learning: "Oh, it's a black-tie event" and concluded the call by saying to his colleague: "No one's gonna care about that, are they?"

The hilarious clip, which has been hailed a "masterpiece", has garnered an incredible amount of attention in a matter of hours. People turned to Twitter demanding that Chawawa gets his own show.

Chawawa also went viral earlier this month for the character of 'Olly Mae', who was depicted as a fan of influencer Molly-Mae Hague. He explained how her "we all have the same 24 hours in a day" quote had inspired him.

"There were times when I didn't even have a yacht to p**s in," says the character before adding that the only two things that kept him going were his "immensely privileged background" and a 'book' called 'Molly Maeditations: Daily Quotes to Stop You Being Poor.'

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