Mystery as 'exploding glass' caught on camera in 'most haunted pub'

<p>Security cam footage shows the exploding glass</p>

Security cam footage shows the exploding glass


A ‘haunted’ pub located in North Dorset, UK has released security cam footage of a spooky incident that involved a mysterious exploding glass.

The CCTV footage, which showed the glass seemingly spontaneously shattering, freaked out the owners of The Longs Arms pub.

The so-called haunted pub shared the clip on their Twitter account and has received 2.5K views.

“So #George our resident ghost is playing up tonight, keep watching the bottom shelf,” they wrote.

In the video you can see the glass out of nowhere seemingly fly out of the shelf and burst into small pieces.

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Since posting, many unimpressed skeptics took to the comments to share their disbelief, believing it to have been the result of something falling on top of the glass as opposed to paranormal events.

But the landlord, Rob Allcock explained why that’s not possible.

Per WiltshireLive, Allcock said of the theories, “That's not possible, because it's a single glass- they're not touching and this is a toughened Guinness glass, with the bottom blown out of it."

He further explained that the glass was placed upside down, on a hygienic drip mat with a gap underneath to allow the glass to dry. "There's no way anything could have hit it,” he said.

Allcock also shared that the toughened glass at the bottom is supposed to shatter, not burst. "It was like someone had crushed it from the top,” he said.

In the past, many visitors of The Longs Arms pub have reported having haunting experiences of their own with some seeing a “little black and white dog” only for the dog to not actually exist or others claiming they were pushed into the toilets from the back of their heads.

"Normally, you see things and then you look back and there's no one there. I'll be walking through to the kitchen, which has a door that opens both ways, and it will open as if someone is on the other side, pulling it - you get used to things like that,” Allcock said.

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