Nadine Dorries once criticised Gordon Brown for 'holding onto power'

Nadine Dorries once criticised Gordon Brown for 'holding onto power'
Nadine Dorries filmed rushing into Downing Street after double resignation

A Twitter user has uncovered the moment where Nadine Dorries once criticized Gordon Brown for doing "whatever it takes" to continue "holding onto power" - as her bestie Boris Johnson does the same.

In 2009, shortly before Brown was succeeded by David Cameron, Dorries wrote a post for her blog asking for Damian McBride to resign and criticized Brown as the person McBride took direction from.

"This Prime Minister (Brown) is more concerned with holding onto power, whatever it takes and whoever he takes out by whatever means in the process," Dorries wrote in the now-deleted post.

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Yesterday, as two Cabinet members of Boris Johnson's government resigned, Dorries rushed to Downing Street to be with the Prime Minister.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid started a chain of resignations all citing Johnson's corruption and mishandling of several scandals over the past year and beyond.

Dorries however has stood beside Johnson and defended him.

"I’m not sure anyone actually doubted this, however, I am [100%] behind @BorisJohnson the PM who consistently gets all the big decisions right," Dorries tweeted on Tuesday.

"Irony," Sue wrote in response to the blog post.

"More appropriate for Johnson than Gordon Brown!! Dopey Dorries," Teresa added

Following the resignations people have called upon Johnson to resign as many feel he cannot bounce back from two senior Cabinet members leaving. But it is unclear if or when Johnson will oblige.

For now, he has Dorries to stand beside him.

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