Naked man runs past ‘Today’ show live on-air, forcing abrupt cut to commercial

Naked man runs past ‘Today’ show live on-air, forcing abrupt cut to commercial

A naked man ran past NBC’s “Today” show while anchors Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie and Craig Melvin were presenting live, forcing the network to abruptly cut to commercials.

“Oh, there’s a — there was a naked runner,” Melvin nonchalantly informed his colleagues, as a nude man jogged past the show’s Studio 1A window that overlooks  Midtown Manhattan. Unperturbed by the sighting — it is New York City, after all — Melvin proceeded to present the news. “Brand-new from Hoda Kotb, a new podcast…” he began, until Guthrie spotted the streaker self, cutting her colleague off.

“There he goes!” she shouted, pointing out the window and at the unclothed agitator. “Where are your clothes?!”

“Bye!” Kotb shouted at the man, demanding the prankster to “Get your clothes on!” whilst pointing her finger in his direction.

At this point, all three anchors had their arms raised, gesturing wildly at the bare-naked bandit, and even the customarily calm Melvin lost his cool. Turning to the window, Melvin began to shout: “What are you doing?! What are you doing?!”

“What is happening? Oh, my gosh, Hoda,” Guthrie remarked, exasperated. The network then abruptly cut to a commercial break, cutting Gurhtie off, which hopefully allowed the presenters to regain their composure.

Twitter users, having witnessed the incident live, went nuts over the hilarious clip. Some quipped that this was just an average day in New York City, while another observed: “At least he seems to wear a mask.”

It’s unclear why the network cut to commercials so quickly, though columnist Tim Graham theorised: “Maybe he was going to keep running past the window?”

Whatever it takes to get your steps in, I suppose.

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