New mother furious after husband names their newborn son without asking her

New mother furious after husband names their newborn son without asking her
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The arrival of a new baby should be one of the most joyous experiences for a couple.

But one new mother was left furious after her husband put a different name on their child’s birth certificate.

In a post on Reddit’s AITA [Am I The A**hole] community, one woman asked: “AITA for refusing to speak to my husband until he change the name he put on our son's birth certificate?”

The woman explained that she had recently become a new mother after trying to have a baby for five years.

Naming the new baby was already a contentious issue as the woman explained her in-laws wanted them to name the baby after their deceased son – the father’s brother and baby’s uncle.

The woman explained she wasn’t on board with the name, so she and her husband had agreed upon another name for their new baby.

But, the name they decided upon was not the one that ended up on the child’s birth certificate.

She continued: “When I was at the hospital, I had dealt with some complications, and I had to extend my stay since I had to get [a] blood transfusion as well.

“My husband handled the paperwork, however, when we received the birth certificate, I discovered that he put BIL's name and not the one we picked.”

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After the discovery, the woman said she “lost it” and refused to speak to her husband for days. He began begging her to speak to him again, arguing that “he had to do this otherwise his family were going to shun him”.

Next, she said: “He handed me a paper with all the ‘pros’ of keeping this name explaining that our son will be the ‘golden grandchild’ and my inlaws will favor him over the other grandchildren cause of his name.”

Her husband broke down crying after she wouldn’t budge on her decision. He called his wife “selfish” and told her she was “robbing our son of a good life and good future provided by his grandparents”.

People in the comments made it clear whose side in the matter they were on.

One person argued: “If you have more children, how are they going to feel watching their brother be the favorite because of his name? Put a stop to this now.”

Another wrote: “Your husband has 0 respect for you. This while you had just given birth to his child and had a medical emergency. How are you ever going to trust him again?. He is showing 0 love for you.”

Someone else added: “What he did was a huge betrayal, and frankly, he's getting off lightly with the silent treatment.

“Also, his list of ‘pros’ is crap. If those are things your son would have with BIL's name, they are things he should still have with the name the two of you chose together.”

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