North West sings along to Kendrick Lamar's diss track about Drake: 'This is big Gemini energy'

North West sings along to Kendrick Lamar's diss track about Drake: 'This is big Gemini energy'
A Breakdown of All Drake Digs in Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Not Like Us’ …
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Kendrick Lamar recently dropped his hotly anticipated music video for 'Not Like Us', racking up a staggering 33 million views in just three days. And now, the attention has since turned to one unlikely fan, 11-year-old North West.

In a viral clip shared to TikTok, Kim Kardashian's eldest daughter could be seeing vibing to the Drake diss track during Lamar's 'The Pop Out' gig in Los Angeles last month.

West was captured in the crowd singing along to one of the track's popular lines while filming a video. When the footage hit TikTok, viewers inevitably flooded the upload with humourous comments.

"She told Kim, I am going whether you like it or not," one TikToker joked, while another added: "Kim is going to ground her."

"I wanna be North when I grow up," a third said.

Many more highlighted that Lamar and West are both Geminis, writing: "GEMINIS STICK TOGETHER!"

"This big Gemini energy !!! Team Gemini," a second penned.

sometimes you gotta….

During Lamar's spat with Drake earlier this year, Kanye West, North's father, penned a verse on a remix of Metro and Future Boomin's trackLike That which Lamar had his own cameo on taking aim at J Cole and Drake.

One of the opening lines is 'yo Dot I got you'; K.Dot is an early stage name for Kendrick.

West recently celebrated her 11th birthday with a surprise appearance from popular streamer Kai Cenat, with some spectators calling the collab "weird," forcing him to hit back.

"Everybody who literally made yesterday weird, you’re being so weird, bro," he said. "Not gonna lie, everybody who made yesterday a weird thing… First thing’s first, bro, I’m North’sfavouritee streamer. So yesterday, all she wanted to do was meet me. That was it, literally! So, anybody who’s making it weird like, that’s the weirdest thing ever.

"We had a great time yesterday. I met Kim Kardashian! I met North, she’s great, bro. She has a good group of friends around her, everything was great, bro. The vlog drops tomorrow, it’s going to be 30 minutes plus, so if y’all wanna see how the day went yesterday, it was epic."

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