The savagely roasted Trafalgar Square Christmas tree could be replaced with a new one from Norway following its brutal online bashing.

People flocked to social media to slam the gift as “half-dead and hungover”, while others humoured it was a subtle dig towards the sacking of the Manchester United manager. “Norway has not taken the sacking of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer well,” they joked.

The outburst has now prompted Norway’s Oslo Council to vote on whether a new tree should be sent to London.

Anne Haabeth Rygg, from the Oslo Conservative Party, 48, has since admitted that the tree does look pretty underwhelming but worried a new tree wouldn’t arrive in time.

“I’ve seen pictures of the tree looking sad and it shouldn’t,” she told The Times.

“The Brits played an important part in helping us win the war and this is supposed to be a symbol of appreciation.”

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“I am pleased that people are passionate - it is a sign that Londoners care about the present we have sent them,” the Mayor of Oslo, Marianne Borgen, added.

Since 1947, Norway has gifted Trafalgar Square’s Christmas tree as a token of gratitude for Britain’s support during the Second World War.

“The tree comes from a forest,” Borgen explained, which is followed by a ceremony every November when the tree is felled.

“This is a love tree and it means a lot to us to give it to Londoners. Though it started as a thank you to the British people for their help during World War Two, it is now as much about friendship, solidarity, hope for the future and peace.

“The tree symbolises all this and I hope that when the lights are turned on, the symbolic message behind the gift is what people have in mind.”

On December 2, the Lord Mayor of Westminster added a bit of sparkle to the Trafalgar Square tree with speeches and performances all around.

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