Trafalgar Square’s ‘flea bitten’ Christmas tree is roasted: ‘It looks like it has a bad hangover’

Trafalgar Square’s ‘flea bitten’ Christmas tree is roasted: ‘It looks like it has a bad hangover’

Nothing screams Christmas more than dazzling city lights, classic films, mulled wine and an aesthetically pleasing tree. Unfortunately, it seems as though Trafalgar Square did not get the memo this year, with the arrival of an anti-climatic Christmas tree in definite need of a spruce up.

Since 1947, Norway has gifted Trafalgar Square’s Christmas tree as a token of gratitude for Britain’s support during the Second World War.

But judging by what arrived this year, Twitter users joked that it’s a sign they’re still mad at Brits for sacking Norwegian-born Manchester United manager. “Norway has not taken the sacking of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer well”, one humoured.

Another conspired that they’re sending an unsubtle hint: “This year’s Christmas tree from Norway to Trafalgar Square is hilarious. It’s basically them saying: You’ve turned into a bunch of c***s.”

The sparse ‘flea bitten’ tree has caught the attention of passersby, who turned to Twitter to raise their concerns as to where the rest of it is.

One Twitter user penned a meaningful tweet aimed at “people complaining about the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree sent by Norway”. They suggested Brits should say a “polite thank you” when receiving a gift, “even if [they’re] a bit disappointed.”

But in true Brit spirit, wit and humour, they politely declined this ideology. Instead, people commenced roasting the underwhelming 20-metre-tall centrepiece.

“Interflora clearly forgot to include the little sachet of plant feed,” one joked, while another said, “Possibly the worst Christmas tree I have ever seen – it looks like it has a bad hangover.”

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Each year, Trafalgar Square host a tree-lighting event on the first Thursday of December. The Christmas tree was erected just two days ago in preparation for its glow-up.

Let’s collectively hope the Norwegian spruce gets all the TLC it needs.

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