Woman threatens to kick brother out of her apartment because he is a nudist

Woman threatens to kick brother out of her apartment because he is a nudist

A woman has consulted Reddit to see if she was in the wrong for kicking her brother out of her apartment due to his nudist lifestyle.

Taking to the notorious ‘Am I the A**hole’ subreddit the anonymous 27-year-old woman explained that her 23-year-old brother had just lost his job and could no longer afford his rent so she allowed him to stay at her place rent-free until he found new employment.

She added that they both had a good relationship and that it wouldn’t have been a financial burden on her as she could afford to support both of them and that he had also agreed to help with chores and cooking.

However, things went awry when she returned home from work one day to find him watching television on the sofa completely naked.

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She writes: “Yesterday, when I came home from my job I had the surprise to see my brother naked on my couch, watching the tv. I froze a bit out of shock then asked him what the hell he was doing sitting on my couch naked. He tried to explain himself but I just told him to put on clothes first and we would talk later.”

After he got dressed he told her that he was a nudist and that he “preferred to not wear clothes because it was healthier and more natural.” Although she explained to him that she didn’t have a problem with him being a nudist she just didn’t want to see him naked in her own home.

She added: “I explained to him that he is my brother and I don’t feel comfortable seeing his private parts at all and that even if he didn’t see nudity as sexual, I did.”

However, he protested and said that he “wouldn’t put clothes on when he was home and that it was tiring enough to have to be dressed in public.” She said in response that if he wanted to be naked at home then he would have to get his own place.

She left her post explaining that her brother is now ignoring her but that she feels “guilty because he would probably be homeless if I kicked him out but at the same time I don’t want to see him naked.”

The overwhelming consensus in the replies to her post believed that she had done nothing wrong as it was “your home, your rules.”

Another said: “I actually don’t think even nudists are cool with the idea of forcing others to accept your nudity - in their homes.”

A third person added: “There’s nothing wrong with being a nudist - but you can’t force someone else to deal with your naked a** on their furniture. He stays clothed with a roof, or he moved out and rubs his a** all over his own belongings - those are his choices.”

A fourth said: “He can be naked in his bedroom but shared space means he needs clothes. If he gets really pissy, he can at the very least get a proper loincloth. Or move out.”

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