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Donald Trump has stepped up his war on FAKE NEWS (formerly known as 'Freedom of the Press') to a whole new level.

And guess who was there to troll it?

Former chief photographer for Barack Obama, Pete Souza, has been messing with the Tweeter-in-Chief for weeks - and has gained a serious Instagram fan base.

Souza likes to post pictures of Obama with 'coincidental' timing.

Like this photo, posted just after Trump signed the Muslim ban order:

Or this photo, after reports surfaced that the Trump administration White House aids were conducting meetings in the dark, because they didn't know where the lights were:

If you missed it, Donald 'Leader of the Free World' barred some major news organisations from a White House press briefing, including CNN, the BBC and The New York Times.

He then proceeded to lambast the mainstream media during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

And took to Twitter calling the media "a great danger to our country", which joins his tweet last week (in which he referred to the news as the "enemy of the people") in the annals of shame.

His escalating tantrum against the "FAKE NEWS" media has been met with widespread outrage, even from Fox News, longtime supporters of Trump.

But Souza sets a great example for us all, with this passive-aggressive sass:

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