OnlyFans creator discovers one of her subscribers is her dad: 'This has to be a crime'

OnlyFans creator discovers one of her subscribers is her dad: 'This has to be a crime'
OnlyFans star reveals mortifying text from her uncle after he found her ...
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An OnlyFans creator turned to TikTok to share a gross discovery on the adult subscription platform.

In a viral clip that racked over 80,000 views, London (@londonvll) revealed one of her subscribers under the username "the hott3st daddy" was, in fact, her dad.

The creator clarified in the caption that this wasn't a horrifying dream. It was a "real story."

Fellow TikTokers flocked to the clip to express their sympathy, with one saying: "I'm so sorry you had to go through that."

Others were absolutely mortified, declaring that "this has to be a crime, ain't no way." Another added: "I am so sorry. That should be illegal somehow."

"He just won a game called never seeing your grandkids," one user commented.

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While some viewers were sceptical of the story's authenticity, many viewers horrifically pointed out that these stories appear to be becoming quite common on the app. "This is the 3rd person I see today saying this," one user declared – and unfortunately, they seem to be correct.

Another adult creator, Karlie Brooks (@karliebrooksxx), went through a very similar experience.

After five years of being on OnlyFans without her family knowing, she received a sickening text message from her uncle.

Karlie shared a screenshot of the disturbing message, which read: "Hey kiddo! This is your uncle. I think I might have stumbled across a video of you today…very nice."

The OnlyFans model said it left her "cringing", with one fellow TikTok user adding: "The fact he said 'very nice' makes my body fold in on itself."

Another marked the uncle's message as a huge red flag, saying: "The fact he said the word "kiddo" and continued with THAT conversation."

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