Real-life optical illusion causes confused drivers to swerve their cars

Real-life optical illusion causes confused drivers to swerve their cars
What you see first in this optical illusion reveals a key part ...

A real-life optical illusion is going viral on social media for confusing drivers - and people agree that it is a genuinely baffling sight.

On Twitter, a user posted a video of a tunnel that seems to have one road that goes around a bend and another that randomly ends, seemingly into a pit.

From the video, it appears that the road is extremely dangerous, especially with no warning signs indicating cars may fall into a pit. The man behind the camera expresses his concern for people who are unaware of the hole in the road.

As an oncoming car approaches, it slowly stops before the pit and drives around it, avoiding what seems like a potentially fatal car crash.

But as a second car approaches, it barely misses the pit and hugs the edge of it in a seemingly risky move.

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The driver's lack of fear suddenly makes the cameraman realize, that the pit is not actually a pit, it is a puddle of water reflecting light that makes it seem like a hole.

"I thought they just carved out a hole, I'm tripping," the cameraman says laughing at his own mistake.

But the man behind the camera was not the only person to think the water was a bottomless pit. Viewers also believed it to be a dangerous road.

"not my heart racing when the second car sped up loooool," Shae wrote.

"This one minute video was scarier and better storytelling than the recent A24 film “X”," a Twitter user said.

"i was like "that looks like water" but his concern convinced me it was a pit. and then i saw the second car and almost got a heart attack," Moe wrote.

The mind-bending video racked up over 19 million views and one million likes on Twitter.

Typically optical illusions are carefully crafted pieces of art to infer something about a person's personality or trick the eyes to believe something is moving. But witnessing a real-life optical illusion as confusing as this one is a fairly rare occurrence.

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