The first thing you see in this optical illusion reveals key personality trait

What you see first in this optical illusion reveals a key part ...

An optical illusion is said to reveal a key part of your personality, and it's all based on the first thing you see.

The illusion is a series of black lines and marks on a background which some people interpret as a face with a wide-set jaw and long nose, and others see as a dark-haired woman sitting.

The YouTube channel, BRIGHT SIDE, shared the optical illusion in a video and explained that depending on what viewers are seeing may say something about their personality.

Other optical illusions use similar vague lines to determine a person's mental age or how confident you are.

People who see the dark-haired woman are said to have "sharp observational skills and an eye for detail" and are typically a "reserved and introverted person" who gets tired when they're around too many people.

People who see the face with a wide-set jaw are said to "tend to neglect detail and go for the big picture" they also are usually extroverted and enjoy chatting with other people.

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This optical illusion is said to reveal key personality traits based on what you see first Bright Side / YouTube

On Twitter, people expressed their opinion on the illusion. Some said what they saw matched how they feel they are while others had the opposite experience.

Optical illusions reveal how people interpret the world through their own eyes. Every person sees reality differently, two people looking at the same image may have different conclusions.

Whether you see the dark-haired woman or the face with a wide jaw, it's possible to see both by understanding how others may interpret the image and going back to look at it differently.

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