Optical illusion will reveal if you have 20/20 vision

Optical illusion will reveal if you have 20/20 vision
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Optical illusions can mess with our brains and make us believe we can see things that are not actually there.

But, one optical illusion featuring a pile of eggs can actually help tell you if you have 20/20 vision.

How many eggs are in the image?

The illusion tasks you to work out the number of eggs in the photograph. They are stacked up into a pyramid shape with 4 a square of four on the bottom, rising up until there is just one on top.

If your first answer is 16, unfortunately, you’ll have to take another crack at the puzzle and consider the eggs that are implicitly there but aren’t explicitly shown in the picture.

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The best way to solve the puzzle is to count each layer of eggs individually. To work out the bottom layer, you must times four by four to get the number of eggs on the lowest level.


Next, it will be three by three, followed by two by two, and then the last single one on top.

Once they have all been added, you should find the answer – 30 eggs in total.

According to The Sun, 95 per cent of people will fail the egg counting test. If not, you could have 20/20 vision.

Elsewhere, just 1 per cent of people will solve this optical illusion on the first try and find the hidden word.

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