Man shares optical illusion he says only 1% of people can read

Optical illusion eye test: Are you part of 'one percent' who can ...

"Can you read this on your first try?"

That is the question TikToker HecticNick (@hecticnick) asked after sharing an optical illusion he claims only one per cent of people in the world can read.

HecticNick's platform has numerous videos on illusions and verbal trickery that perplex his over 3.9 million followers.

The mind-bending image in question shows what appears to be sticks and blocks lined up.

But as HecticNick explains, there's actually a word written out in the symbols. Do you spot it?

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If you can't, he gave some advice: "Try closing your eyes about 90 per cent, and you might be able to read it."


Can you read this on your first try? đŸ¤” #fyp #illusion #opticalillusion

And if that still didn't help you decipher the text, it reads: "Bad eyes."

"Bad Eyes."@hecticnick/TikTok

Th clip, which has been viewed over 3.6 million times at the time of writing, prompted people to share their thoughts on the illusion.

"Got it immediately without closing my eyes 90%," one wrote.

"HEY I DONT HAVE BAD EYES," another joked.

Other people also shared their own tips for how they cracked the illusion.

"I had to sit [the] phone on [the] floor and relaxed and finally saw the words," a third wrote.

A fourth indeed: "Look at it from a side angle, and u can see it."

This is one of the many illusions shared by HecticNick, that went viral last year.

In another video, he showed a picture of a bird's silhouette with a dot in the center of it. An arrow can also be seen at the bottom of the bird.

He tells viewers to stare at the dot in the center of the bird for 15 seconds and then proceed to look at the ceiling and begin "blinking" - and you will see the shadow of the image.

Elsewhere, another optical illusion that is making waves online can apparently reveal certain personality traits, such as the ability to multitask.

The image depicts a man that some may perceive as running towards or away from them. If the image appears to be running towards you, you have solid analytical skills.

And if the man is running away from you, you have more of a creative brain.

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