Optical illusion of six women sparks debate about their legs

Optical illusion of man taking sunset photo leaves internet divided

An optical illusion of a group of women, which has gone viral on Reddit has caused a lot of people to do a double-take due to the number of legs in the picture.

The picture, which is from 2016 but recently resurfaced, sitting on a sofa in a bar with a lot of memorabilia for the NFL team the Green Bay Packers on the walls.

American football aside, the thing we're most interested in is the bizarre optical illusion that appears to be happening on the sofa.

In the image, there are five women sitting on the sofa, while another is perched on the arm of the seat.

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Of the six women in the picture, you only need to concentrate on one and that's the woman directly in the middle of the group.

At first glance, you might not notice that there is anything strange going on until you notice that you can't see her legs anywhere in the picture.

Numerous replies to the post are baffled as to what they are seeing as they can only spot five pairs of legs in the picture but there have been a few theories as to what is actually going on.

One person replied: "Number one has her legs crossed, no tear in the knee."

A second said: "I actually think the first girl has got legs draped over the second girl's legs."

A third user wrote: "Numbers two and three are leaning way over."

However, is the explanation easier than that?

One person noted that if look you look at the first and second woman, a sock is visible on one of the legs but only half if can be seen. They note: "Her pants are the same colour, and almost blend. You can see the difference where there is a bit of sock/skin showing above the boot."

This seems to be the case as proven when the image is brightened showing that the second woman's legs are actually behind the first woman's. To make the situation even more confusing they both have the same colour of trousers on.

That's another optical illusion solved. If you enjoyed that please check out a few more of our favourites.

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