This optical illusion has to be seen twice to reveal itself

This optical illusion has to be seen twice to reveal itself
Pool of water creates optical illusion and confuses drivers

An optical illusion which reveals itself when viewed for a second time has stunned viewers, at how our eyes are able to perceive colour in a black and white photo.

Dean Jackson (@beatonthebeeb) often posts different mind-boggling illusions on TikTok and for this video, he explained this illusion would allow people to see colour in a black and white photo of a bridge after following his steps for the mind trick to work.

"If you're here for the first time you're seeing a black and white photo of a bridge. If you're back here for the second time you're hopefully seeing in colour," Jackson said.

He then shows another photo of the bridge, but this time it's filled in with "psychedelic colours", with a circle situated in the middle of the image.

"If you'd like to see if your brain can fill in the colours all you need to do is stare at the circle in the center of the picture. Whatever you do keep looking right at the centre of that circle. Keep your phone at a constant distance, keep your eyes focused and it's really, really, really important that you keep looking at that circle.

"When we return to the start of the video - don't be distracted - if your eyes move the colour will be lost," he added.

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Jackson when on to explain the technical reasons why our eyes are tricked into seeing colours that are not there.

"Now the psychedelic colours you're seeing at the moment are designed to fatigue some of the receptors in the retina a the back of your eye. When I remove them only the ones needed to colour the picture should be stimulated."

Jackson then asked viewers to let him know if the optical illusion worked in the way that he said.


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Since posting the optical illusion, the video has received over 17.2m views, 1.6m, along with more than 38,000 comments from people who shared how the illusion successfully worked for them.

One person said: "Woahhh, I didn’t expect the colour to be so vibrant."

"AHHHH incredible!! Only saw it for a split second but it was In full colour," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "I saw a whole damn color but it disappeared immediately."

"I honestly thought it was a different pic when the vid started again," a fourth person commented.

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