18 of the funniest orca memes as boat attacks continue

18 of the funniest orca memes as boat attacks continue
Orcas Are Now Attacking Boats Every Day, Even Sinking Some of Them

'Orca wars.'

It's all the internet can talk about at the moment as killer whales and now apparently sharks have begun randomly attacking boats and humans and no one really knows why.

Incidents began increasing in May after whales began smashing into the side of boats off the coast of Portugal and near Gibraltar, with a reported consistency of once a day.

It's thought that a white orca named Gladis started the trend which has led to other orcas copying her. However, NBC reports that the rate of interactions between humans and whales has significantly risen since 2020.

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Regardless of whether there is actually a scientific or social reason for this happening or not, the internet simply cannot get enough of the orcas rising up and trying to reclaim the seven seas for themselves and hence a new set of whale-based memes have been born.

Here are some of our favourites.

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