Right-wing pastor claims that ‘leftism is a mental illness’ in baffling footage

Right-wing pastor claims that ‘leftism is a mental illness’ in baffling footage
Right-wing pastor claims that ‘leftism is a mental illness’ in baffling footage
Real America's Voice

A right-wing pastor in the US has claimed that "leftism is a mental illness" in a baffling new interview.

Jim Garlo, who is the former Senior Pastor of Skyline Church in La Mesa, California, delivered the bizarre comments in a discussion with conservative commentator Gina Loudon on Real America's Voice.

“Leftism… that is a mental illness. Sin brings a mental illness,” he began.

He added: “[There’s] a spiritual blindness that comes over individuals who walk in habitual sin.

“That’s the only explanation I can give to why people are doing the kind of things that they’re now doing.”

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A perfectly rational judgement, we’re sure you’ll all agree…

It’s not even the first time that pastors have been in the news this week.

A pastor from Kansas City, Missouri went viral after a video of him lambasting his congregation for not buying him an expensive watch circulated online.

Carlton Funderburke from the Church at the Well Kansas City was delivering a sermon about 'honoring God's shepherds' and berated his congregation for not buying him a Movado watch, something he apparently asked for a year earlier.


Kansas City Pastor GOES OFF on congregation calling them "poor, broke busted and disgusted" because they didn't give him enough money to buy a new watch he's been wanting. It's pastors like these that give the church a bad name smh an also why a lot of our generation left the church. What y'all think? 🤔

"See that's how I know you still poor, broke, busted, and disgusted because of how you've been honoring me," Pastor Funderburke said in the sermon from August 7th.

"I'm not worth your McDonald's money? I'm not worth your Red Lobster money? I ain't worth your St. John's knit? Y'all can't afford it no how," Pastor Funderburke said.

The video of Pastor Funderburke calling his congregation "poor" and "busted" was seen by millions on TikTok – he has since issued an apology.

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