Patrick Mahomes’ fiancée releases ‘Team Brittany’ t-shirts in wake of champagne backlash

NFL fan yells anti-gay slur at Patrick Mahomes' brother and star's fianceé ...

All season, Brittany Matthews , fiancée to Kansas City Chief's quarterback Patrick Mahomes, has received hate via social media. The online backlash culminated last Sunday after the Chiefs' win against the Buffalo Bills, when Matthews sprayed fans with champagne .

Champagnegate went viral and people ran with it. Social media users hounded Matthews, telling her the celebratory act was inappropriate and inconsiderate. Matthews responded by tweeting : "I just wish I could do what I want without getting attacked every week."

Well now, Matthews is shaking off the hate.

The fitness influencer took to her Instagram story on Thursday afternoon to announce she was collaborating with a local Kansas City t-shirt company, Charlie Hustle Co , to make "Team Brittany" shirts with all proceeds going to Red Card, a Kansas City anti-bullying organization.

Matthews stated she would be matching all proceeds to increase donations.

Matthews revealed the t-shirt company approached her with the "Team Brittany" idea which she "thought was hilarious".

"It's been a pretty rough week over here" Matthews said in her Instagram story on Thursday afternoon. "I am lucky enough to have a good support system in a city that is lifting me up but I know a lot of people out there are struggling with this."

Matthews is not the only Mahomes' family member getting bullied. Mahomes' younger brother, Jackson Mahomes, has also received hate for his TikTok videos. The younger Mahomes recently changed his TikTok bio to say, "Sup I get bullied a lot but I'm still here".

Matthews and Jackson Mahomes have faced an excessive amount of criticism throughout the season, Matthews hopes the "Team Brittany" shirts will turn the negative energy around.

"I hope you guys use this as a daily reminder to let you know that words are very powerful and it costs you nothing to be kind and nice to people," Matthews said in her Instagram story.

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