New study will pay people to exercise while stoned

New study will pay people to exercise while stoned

A new study has given a high-intensity workout a whole other meaning.

Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder aim to delve into the potential benefits of working out after smoking cannabis. They are currently hunting for expert stoners who frequently jog while high.

The physically active participants must be between the age of 21-40 years old for men or 21-50 years for women and they must also be residents of the Boulder, Colorado area. Successful candidates will receive a $100 payment.

The trial consists of three appointments at their lab facility, with one maximal exercise test and two treadmill sessions – one of which will be after smoking. It will also include confidential questionnaires and two blood draws.

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Earlier in the year, meta-analysis discovered weed-smokers tend to work out more versus none smokers. There are even dedicated “stoner-cise” fitness classes that embrace the activities hand-in-hand.

“Stoned and Toned” is a 420-friendly fitness community created by cannabis photographer, Morgan English (@ThisCannabisLife).

While working at her local fitness club, she met fellow trainers who also thought cannabis was changing the workout dynamic. “It was the underground weed-loving fitness community she was after the whole time,” the website reads.

“We’re the new kid in town and we love it; nothing is more exciting than being at the forefront of a movement of fitness enthusiasts using cannabis openly, to not only help them get through their workout but to help recover afterwards,” it continues.

“We are the real-life examples of the people who are actually using weed and really feeling a difference in our physical training.”

For those curious about taking part in the study, you can email or call the research team to sign up.

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