Penny Mordaunt's hair during the BBC has become an instant meme

Penny Mordaunt's hair during the BBC has become an instant meme
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Penny Mordaunt - or should we say her hair - has become the centre of attention following Friday night's BBC General Election Debate where the Leader of the House of Commons represented the Conservatives.

All the major political parties in the UK were represented in the debate with Mordaunt representing the Tories and Angela Rayner representing Labour with other notable names such as Reform's Nigel Farage and the SNP's Stephen Flynn being present.

While there are always lots of talking points following these kind of event, Mordaunt's uncharacteristically large and unmoving hair distracted viewers.

One viewer quipped: "What the f**k has happened to Penny Mordaunt’s hair? She looks like she’s been embalmed."

Another person said: "The only things to survive a nuclear attack are Keith Richards, Tupperware and Penny Mordaunt's hair."

Channel 4 News's Khrisnan Guru-Murthy even chimed in, adding: "The more I look at Penny Mordaunt’s hair the more I wonder what it would look like on Stephen Flynn’s head."

Now Mordaunt's hairdo has taken on a life of its own in meme-format. Here are some of our favourites:

This is hardly the first time that Mordaunt has become a meme. Back in May 2023, she went viral again during King Charles's coronation after she carried a massive sword as part of the ceremony.

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