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Less than one in ten people have been on a date with - or asked out - a disabled person.

Pretty shocking, considering that almost a fifth of working age adults and almost half of pension-age adults are disabled, according to disability charity Scope.

The charity also found that one in ten people in Britain have never invited a disabled person to a social occasion and half have never started a conversation with someone disabled.

So it's always good to have some positive news. People with disabilities have taken to Twitter to share the heartwarming, special acts of love that their partners have done for them.

Imani Barbarin, the mind behind #DisTheOscars where she called attention to the lack of disability representation in the Oscars, invited disabled people to share the ways their partners make them feel loved.

There are partners who look after them every step of the way.

Who will do anything for the person they love. And we mean anything.

Sometimes that involves food.

Or just taking a moment to rest.

Or helping out, even if it means getting sweaty and gross.

Other times, that means having a dance.

Not that partners are always perfect... But that doesn't matter.

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