People want to know why Nigel Farage was at the German embassy this week

Nigel Farage said on resigning as leader of Ukip last month that he was looking forward to "getting his life back".

It turns out by that he meant he was going to lay low in France for a few weeks, and come back sporting a questionable new moustache.

It was greeted cautiously by the British public. Some wondered if it is part of a plan to go incognito.

The truthers may have been closer to the mark than we thought (in Brexit Britain, as we know, almost anything is possible): Farage was spotted queuing at the German embassy in London on Monday by Leonie Witte, who wrote about the incident on Facebook:

Farage apparently apologised for turning up without necessary documentation, claiming "I've been a bit busy lately." (Witte also noted that "his moustache indeed looks sh-t.")

Farage's wife Kirsten Farage is German by birth, which has led to speculation that he was applying for a German passport.

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

When asked about his visit, the ex-Ukip leader told BuzzFeed News it was "none of your business".

An application to become German would be quite a change of heart for Farage, who has spent much of his life campaigning for the UK to leave the EU.

But it wouldn't be the first Brexit U turn, would it?

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