Andrew RC Marshall

A man dressed as a broccoli was arrested at an Extinction Rebellion protest in London.

That’s it. That’s the story.

Hundreds of climate change protesters have been arrested in the government’s crackdown as demonstrators glued themselves to buildings in London’s financial hub in a bid to cause “maximum disruption" as protests moved into their second week.

In a moment of levity, a man, who wore green face paint, a suit and floret-esque hat was arrested by police.

He had been seen earlier in the day holding a sign reading:

I’m locally sourced and environmentally friendly.

Reuters reporter Andrew RC Marshall posted a video of the arrest online, captioning the clip:

Well, that was a first in a long journalistic career. I just filmed police on Oxford Street arrest an @XRebellionUK protester dressed like a broccoli. As they cuffed him, he cried ‘Free the pea!’ and held aloft a floret of broccoli like it was the liberty torch.

The video shows the unnamed man being handcuffed by three police officers.

Broccoli man quickly became a viral sensation online

The giant Broccoli has been identified as a man as Roland

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