I'm a plus-sized teacher and my students beg me not to eat ...

A plus-sized teacher has revealed things her young kindergarten students say about her body - and they don't hold back.

Posting on TikTok, the woman - who goes by the username @SueStyleVibes - danced with text in the background revealing some of the things children say in a five-part series.

Some say "please don't eat me for lunch" and tell her she has a "circle body", she revealed.

"I can sit on you, but you can't sit on me," was another comment she has received.

A child also said: "Your arm feels like the stress ball."

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Take a look at one of her videos here:


Part 4. I’ll never run out of material for these. 😂 #educator #educatorlife #whatkidssay #justlaugh #laugh

The teacher seemed pretty good-humoured about it despite working with blunt people and she received supportive comments from people in similar positions.

One sympathetic commenter responded to her video, saying: "Once a kid at my daycare asked why I have a baby that never comes out."

Another wrote: "Bless them they have no filter do they."

And a third said: "One of my students gently and very earnestly put her hand on my stomach and said ‘baby?’"

The moral of this story is to never rely on a child to be tactful.

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