Pornhub searches soar for the solar eclipse

Pornhub searches soar for the solar eclipse
Solar Eclipse 2024 in Toronto, Canada
StringersHub / VideoElephant

The 2024 solar eclipse had millions of spectators heading outside to catch a glimpse of the rare celestial event, with people in the US, Mexico and Canada getting the best experience. A partial eclipse was also visible from western parts of the UK.

Now it has been revealed that the eclipse has garnered a niche kind of following, with Pornhub searches skyrocketing by 6,800 per cent on Monday (8 April).

The term "eclipse" saw the biggest increase in searches, followed by "solar eclipse" and then "eclipse sex."

Interestingly, activity on the adult site dropped during the event with a spokesperson saying Maine and Ohio "dropped 68 per cent below average" with a further 67 drop in New Hampshire and Vermont.


It comes after an embarrassing blunder took place during Mexico's RCG Media’s ‘24/7’ news programme that was covering the celestial event.

Unfortunately, the footage clearly hadn’t been rigorously checked, and the show’s three hosts fell victim to a mortifying prank.

During the segment, the male anchor was listing the cities from where the eclipse could be witnessed when images of the jaw-dropping spectacle gave way to a video of a man blocking out the sun with his… testicles.

One of his fellow presenters could be heard gasping with shock at the unexpected display, while the man attempted to carry on coolly.

The image was swiftly replaced as the male anchor clarified that the video had been sent in by a fan of the show.

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