Presenting the best origami you will have ever seen

And we do not say that lightly.

These stunning origami folds are the work of Adam Tran, a chemistry teacher and artist from Vietnam.

Adam told he's been folding origami since he was four.

"It was the first time when my father taught me how to fold a simple boat and released it to the river near my house! I was fascinated and from that day, I've loved origami," he said.

Explaining the attraction of devoting hours to individual designs, the 30-year-old said:

You know, if you fold origami for the first time, the complex models such as dragons, human figures, animals are always very attractive. But when you reach a peak of folding from diagrams, you want to design your own models. So, if you design something, you need the skill and technique. It will take time to learn but how long you spend will determine your true talent. So, I have to learn a lot from my best origami friends, and folding models that I put my passion in.

His favourite pieces to work on are dinosaurs.

"I've loved to fold them since I was young," Adam, from Ho Chi Minh City, said. "Until now, I've folded many, many dinosaur models, even dinosaur skeletons. Besides, I love gardening, so flowers and orchids are the second choice."

He admits that most people's reactions to seeing his work are "wow" or "OMG".

"But I just smile and say that I am a rookie when it comes to origami. I want to improve my skill and I hope to join more and more origami exhibitions."

All photos by kind permission of Adam Tran (Tran Trung Hieu)

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