Primate expert reveals how Trump acts like an actual chimpanzee

Primate expert reveals how Trump acts like an actual chimpanzee
Wild chimpanzees show others objects simply to share attention

Famed English primatologist Jane Goodall said former President Donald Trump pretty much acts like an actual chimpanzee.

According to a report from HuffPost, Goodall first made the observation between the former commander-in-chief and primates in 2016, during his first presidential campaign.

On Tuesday (13 December), she reiterated her sentiment to MSNBC's Ari Melber, noting that Trump still exhibited the aggressive aspects of chimpanzees.

"I see the same sort of behavior as a male chimpanzee will show when he is competing for dominance with another," she said.

Melber then showed her some footage of Trump, who was behind Hillary Clinton in one of their presidential debates. And he was kissing and hugging the US flag, calling himself a "perfect physical specimen."

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The video also showed footage of Trump throwing water at a crowd and pumping his fists up and down.

Goodall said that chimpanzees make themselves appear larger and more dominating than they "may actually be" to frighten the opposition.

Later on, Goodall suggested that Trump's actions and other people's actions created division in the US but "can have a ripple effect around the world."

In other Trump news, he compared Black Lives Matter to the 6 January riots.

Speaking with One America News, Trump said the Democrats "wanted" the insurrection to happen. He also said that people involved were being treated poorly compared to those who were "killed" at Black Lives Matter protests.

In that same interview, he blamed Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi for "turning down10,000 soldiers.

Trump believes that would have 'prevented' the riots from happening in the first place.

And when it comes to the political front, Trump said America is "big trouble" after Herschel Walker, one of his electoral endorsement, lost the Georgia midterm elections runoff to Raphael Warnock.

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