QAnon think that Elon Musk's tweets have a hidden message in them

QAnon think that Elon Musk's tweets have a hidden message in them
Elon Musk's Chinese 'lookalike' goes viral again after billionaire purchases Twitter

Elon Musk’s recent takeover of Twitter has made headlines all around the world – and, it turns out, attracted the attention of conspiracy theorists everywhere.

The Tesla CEO bought Twitter for a huge $44 billion (£31 billion) and has been posting about making the site more committed to free speech ever since.

But it’s the nature of his tweets over recent days which have got supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory posting.

They’ve been busy this week, claiming that they’ve spotted secret messages.

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It comes after Musk tweeted about Truth Social, which is the social media platform founded by former president Donald Trump after he was kicked off Twitter.

Musk posted about it, before joking that it should in fact be called 'Trumpet' instead.

It seemed like a fairly innocuous joke, but QAnon believers thought they spotted something.

Theorist JuliansRum on Truth Social claimed that there was a specific reason that the two tweets came 17 minutes apart from one another. As Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet, QAnon believers argued that Musk was giving the movement subtle recognition.

The theories are being shared by QAnon usersTruth Social

The associate investigative researcher for the ADL Center on Extremism, Katie McCarthy collated some of the posts about Musk from QAnon believers.

As she pointed out in a post on Twitter, the 17 minute gap was also picked up on by the Telegram user The Patriot Voice.

As talk about freedom of speech continues around Twitter, we imagine this won’t be the last time QAnon speculates about Musk...

Meanwhile, Musk has been even more active on the site than usual recently, treating us all to a series of increasingly odd posts.

We’ve seen him mocking Trump, posting memes about himself, posting memes about Twitter employees over recent days and now he’s said that he wants to buy Coca-Cola next to 'put the cocaine back in'.

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