Elon Musk mocks Donald Trump's social app for having 'terrible name'

Elon Musk mocks Donald Trump's social app for having 'terrible name'
Trump unable to say the name of his social media website Truth ...

Elon Musk knocked Donald Trump's social media app, Truth Social, after it became the most downloaded social app, beating out TikTok and Twitter.

On his newly owned social media platform, Musk, 50, tweeted on Wednesday announcing Truth Social had become the number one downloaded app in the Apple Store. But in true Musk fashion, the billionaire had to add a quick hit at it in a follow-up tweet.

"Truth Social (terrible name) exists because Twitter censored free speech," Musk wrote.

On Monday, Twitter and Musk announced they had struck a deal and Musk would be purchasing the social media platform for $44 billion. The deal came weeks after Musk submitted a formal bid and one week after he detailed his financial plan.

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Trump created Truth Social to be a completely uncensored social media platform after the former president got banned from Twitter banned from Twitter for spreading misinformation.

While Musk agrees with Trump about free speech, it seems the Tesla CEO believes he could have thought of a better name for his platform.

Musk's intention in buying Twitter is to promote free speech by taking the company private, which he believes has been lost upon the app, something he expressed in the initial SEC filing.

Back in March, Musk polled followers if he thought Twitter did a good job regulating free speech, to which most people said no. At the time, Musk hinted at starting his own platform or owning Twitter.

However, it seems Musk took people off guard when he made a bid for the social media app, and even more were shocked that a deal was struck on Monday.

Some people were so upset with Twitter's decision that "RIP Twitter" began trending on Monday. But other people, often right-wing, were excited about Musk's takeover.

Some feel that Twitter is censoring their opinions more so than left-wing people. Last week, Caitlyn Jenner told Fox News she believes her account got shadow-banned after she announced her new position as a Fox News correspondent.

The increase in Truth Social users is likely because the app resolved tech issues, like their seemingly endless waitlist, and because Trump said even with Musk's takeover he likely would not return to Twitter.

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