QAnon think the Will Smith slap was faked because he is actually 'dead'

QAnon think the Will Smith slap was faked because he is actually 'dead'
Will Smith breaks down in tears during Oscars acceptance speech

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars and everyone’s got an opinion – including, it might not surprise you to know, the people posting in the QAnon channels.

The incident on Sunday night provoked a huge reaction and it wasn’t long before a selection of social media users were claiming the incident was fake - even after Smith apologised for it.

Smith said sorry following the incident, which came after Rock made a joke about Pinkett Smith’s shaven head which is a result of alopecia.

“I was out of line and I was wrong,” Smith said, in an apology addressed specifically to Rock and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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In his message, the King Richard star said he understood that jokes were part of his life as a public figure, and that “violence in all of its forms is poisonous and destructive”.

However, that still hasn’t stopped people from claiming the whole thing was a set-up.

As you're probably aware, QAnon has emerged as one of the most high-profile online conspiracy theories over recent years, with believers claiming that Hollywood is in fact a playground for paedophiles, accusing celebrities of widespread children sex trafficking and drinking the blood of infants.

There are all sorts of claims made by members of the QAnon community, but the most recent one spotted on Telegram might be up there with the most out there we've ever heard.

As Vice reports, a member of a major QAnon channel claimed it was all staged “to boost ratings and to make everybody talk about Will Smith and Chris Rock in Hollywood and stop talking about President Trump.”

Outlandish, it may be. But it’s not the most bonkers theory spread on the platform since Sunday night.

One user went as far to claim that not only was the slap fake, but it wasn’t even the real Smith who slapped Rock, but a clone.

“It’s not a fake incident but definitely clone cuz Will Smith is dead,” they wrote.

We have to say, this is a new one for us, and proof that some people really will believe anything.

The slap took everyone by surprise on Sunday night Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

People are still reeling after the events of Sunday night, which saw Smith walk onstage before swinging his hand at Rock and sending the internet into meltdown.

“Will Smith just smacked the s*** out of me,” Rock said, before Smith furiously shouted: “Keep my wife's name, out of your f***ing mouth."

Taking to the stage just 15 minutes later to pick up his Best Actor award for King Richard, he said: “I’m being called on in my life to love people and to protect people and to be a river to my people,” Smith said. “I know, to do what we do, we’ve gotta be able to take abuse. You’ve gotta be able to have people talk crazy about you. In this business, you’ve gotta be able to have people disrespecting you. You’ve gotta smile and pretend that that’s okay.

“Denzel said to me a few minutes ago”, adding Washington said: “‘In your highest moments, be careful, that’s when the devil comes for you’.”

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