People think they’ve spotted Forrest Gump in photo of Queen Elizabeth II

People think they’ve spotted Forrest Gump in photo of Queen Elizabeth II
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Is that Forrest Gump?

Some people on Twitter think they spotted Tom Hank’s loveable character, Forrest Gump, in the background of a photo of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Times of London royal correspondent Valentine Low took to his Twitter on Tuesday to upload the picture he took of the monarch’s surprise visit to Paddington Station.

“This was for the official opening of the new Elizabeth tube line, which is named in her honour.

“The Queen, looking good in yellow,” Low captioned his post.

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And there, to the right of the image and behind the queen, is a man who, at first glance, could easily pass for Gump in scenes from the classic 1994 film in which he becomes a witness himself to historical events, particularly that of the 1960s and 1970s.

Speaking with HuffPost, Low said that his attention “wasn’t” directed to the “background” when he snapped the picture.

He was “concentrating” on Her Majesty, “who is looking pretty good for 96.”

Someone else on Twitter who goes by @SkillsMcGill was one of the first people to reshare Low’s photo highlighting the Gump-lookalike’s presence.

“I had to zoom right in to check if this was Forrest Gump,” they joked in the caption. The post has over 251,400 likes.

The person behind the account also spoke with HuffPost and said they noticed a person “furtively lurking at the back” of the photo, which prompted him to look closer and zoom in to see what was going on.

“Lo and behold, ‘Forrest’ is looking back at me, and it instantly just appeared as a still from some time hopping deleted scene from the film,” they told the outlet without revealing their full name.

Other people also couldn’t help but make Gump references in the comments section of the post.

One wrote: “Impossible to read this without hearing it in Forrest Gump’s voice.”

“Can’t be him not a box of chocolates in sight,” another quipped.

A third simply wrote: “And he continues accidentally being present in historical moments.”

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