99 reasons to be cheerful about 2017

99 reasons to be cheerful about 2017

Yes, really.

It's true, a lot of really bad stuff happened in 2017 (sad!), but one very, very good thing that happened was Ed Miliband launching his brilliant podcast Reasons to be Cheerful, co-hosted by Geoff Lloyd.

Anyone who was a fan of the fun-loving former-Labour leader screaming along to Napalm Death when he filled in on BBC Radio 2 is sure to enjoy it.

As a way to spread some positivity through the world, Ed and Geoff also take the time each week to give their own reasons to be cheerful - and it's this idea we've ripped off and applied to the past 12 months.

Because even though we've had Brexit, the Weinstein scandal, the Kevin Spacey scandal, the Trump scandal, the other Trump scandal, and the other, other Trump scandal, there's still plenty of reasons to be cheerful about 2017 as we finally confine it to the history books.

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