Bridesmaid walks out of friends wedding after she called someone 'insane'

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A bridesmaid walked out on her friend's wedding because of rude behavior - and got some major backlash from the bride.

There's no better place to seek clarity on a controversial decision than the Am I The A**hole thread, so to get the internet's opinion the bridesmaid shared her story.

On the day of the wedding, the bride was extremely overwhelmed because her hairstylist had canceled on her. To reduce the bride's stress, the bridesmaid called a hair-stylist friend to help out with the issue.

The hairstylist "got all of their equipment last second and drove over 20 minutes to an event of someone they didn't even know, as a favour, not even paid work (though I did offer)," as the bridesmaid wrote.

But the bride was extremely unhappy with her hair and began throwing a fit by being rude and name-calling the hairstylist.

"At one point, she said to my friend 'are you an idiot' and I'd heard enough," the bridesmaid wrote. The bridesmaid attempted to calm the bride down but after the bride lashed out at her too, the bridesmaid quit.

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The bridesmaid said the aftermath of the situation was insane, the bride called her a terrible friend, the mother-of-the-bride told her she was 'disgusted' by her attitude, even the bridesmaid's boyfriend told her she should've stayed to suck it up. Which led the bridesmaid to ask if she was the problem.

Redditors responded confirming the bridesmaid's belief: she was not the a**hole.

Many echoed the 'not the a**hole' (NTA) decision in the comments, saying that no matter how important a day may be, it's not an excuse to treat your friends poorly.

The bridesmaid also mentioned the bride started with nine bridesmaids and ended with four due to falling-outs.

Redditors justified the bridesmaid's decision and assured her that true friends do not treat their friends that way.

Whether it's your husband inviting your school bully to your wedding, leaving a friend's wedding the day of, or asking a friend to cut their hair before a wedding, Reddit AITA is always there for support.

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